erxes Release 1.3.0 | Bug fixes, Enhancements and New features

Erxes 1.3.0 has recently been launched, packed with a multitude of bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

Major Bug Fixes 


  • Resolved an issue concerning the conversation convert trigger on cards, ensuring it functions correctly. 
  • Addressed an issue with comments on cards

Client Portal

  • Improved filter parameters for cards in the client portal
  • Enhanced the filter functionality for cards in the client portal.
  • Addressed a null error related to the current user in the client portal .
  • Fixed various list-related bugs in the client portal.
  • Resolved issues with notifications in the client portal.


  • Addressed an issue where conversation messages were not displaying properly.
  • Improved the functionality to play video attachments within conversations in the inbox.
  • Attaching video attachments within conversations in the inbox is now available. 


  • Modified the color of the asterisk for required fields, improving visibility and user experience. 
  • Implemented a change that allows the form to continue even when the field type is “productCategory” and marked as not required.
  • Enhanced the CSS styling for subfields within widgets, resulting in a more polished appearance. 


  • Implemented cloudflare images and stream integration
  • Integrated cloudflare r2 as a file upload in the core

Performance Improvements

Client Portal

  • Add and upload avatar to profile
  • Fixed the responsive of the websites
  • Improved the details of the cards
  • Updated cards


  • Updated the notifications
  • Available to resize image using Jimp


  • Improved email send popup
  • Enhanced inbox sidebar loading state 
  • Optimized user and customer avatar sizes 

For the complete release notes, please visit our GitHub page at