Erxes v0.11.1 release information

Release Date: Dec. 15 2019

Erxes 0.11.1 release contains many new features, resolved issues and improvements. Major features of the 0.11.1 series, compared to release v0.11.0.

What’s new:

  • The popover is set in the engage feature. It is a pop-up box that appears when the user clicks on an element. The popover contains much more content to give instruction or information to users.
  • Admin now can reset password for the team members who forgotten their password.
  • Now ability to restrict users by allocating ( assigned & created users) on Deal, Task, Ticket card. When users assign in the pipeline to select “SHOW ONLY THE USER’S ASSIGNED(CREATED) CARDS”, who can show only the assignee card. But the card created person can show all. Except eligibility restriction, when administration managers need to show all cards, it is have to select “USERS ELIGIBLE TO SEE ALL CARDS “.
  • Added action button in customer, company in detail page for editing merging or deleting users.


  • Save&Continue button is added on the customer field. When new customers filled their general information, they can save and continue to go custom property. Before they need to fill general information, then find themselves from custom list in order to go custom property.
  • Save&New button is added on the customer field. When new customers filled their general information, they can save and directly create new customers. 
  • Erxes platform texts are improved responsive text by doing ellipsis. Before when increase the size of the texts or numbers, it was overlapped or widened the form. Now it is shown original size with texts which can be clipped (i.e. cut off, hidden).
  • Now date is shown as a date format. before it was shown as a text.
  • Integration edit: User can do integration edit action after activated new permission. The integrated application’s name and brand allowed to edit, however account name does not allowed to change.
  • Deal, Ticket, Task card’s label saving is fixed. Before, even no changed any thing on these cards, it showed notification to changed and when directly closed the card, content did not saved. Now content is saved automatically and if nothing changed on the card, there is no more additional notification.
  • Shown email subject in email conversation, changed to show whole texts.
  • Not showing search results if not on the first page. While users inserted string, it was searching from server on the each string that increased the server workloads. Now it has been take pause to get whole inputs and It is decreased the number of sending request to the servers.

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