From Failure to Success: A Story of erxes

At erxes Inc., we believe in using open-source technology and involving the community to build our software. We had some unsuccessful projects before, which taught us that developing software for businesses can be expensive and time-consuming. We were paying a lot of money for various tools, so we decided to create an open-source platform that could solve our problem and help other businesses too. At first, we wanted to create software that solved our problem using bits and pieces of other software like Intercom, Trello, PipeDrive, and Salesforce. But as we worked on it, we ended up adding more and more features from different areas. 

Lessons from the failures

Before starting erxes, our team had several unsuccessful projects, including Peepp, Mogulio, Nobile, and TeamOn. These failures taught us valuable lessons that we could apply to our next venture, erxes.

We realized that many businesses struggle with expensive 💸 software that only serves a part of their needs. We wanted to create an all-in-one solution that would be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. This is why erxes code is freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world, promoting open source software. 

Our experience with these failed projects made us realize that collaboration and community building are essential to success. We love the idea of democracy, where anyone has an equal opportunity to grow, and the belief that everybody can freely use and extend what we created 🫂. Notably, going open source brings many advantages, such as lower cost, which is a significant factor for startups, flexibility, higher quality, greater security, rapid innovation, vendor independence, and last but not least, transparency. 

Different mindsets 

Based on our experiences working with different companies around the world, we have noticed that there are some differences in how people approach open source projects, where the codes are open to use for anyone.  In western countries, the concept of giving back to the community and working towards a common goal is deeply ingrained in their values, whereas in some Asian countries, people tend to focus more on their individual growth 🧠 rather than working to contribute to a better society. 

As Asians, we understand that this attitude is not necessarily negative. It is rooted in the belief that individual growth leads to the growth of society as a whole. However, we also recognize the value of collaboration and the power of a strong community. Therefore, we made it our mission to bridge this gap and create a platform to bring people together, regardless of their cultural background or geographic location 🙌. This is why erxes is open source and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. It is a platform that encourages collaboration and community building, allowing people to work together towards a common goal. Our community of developers, contributors, and users is a testament to the success of this approach. Through their hard work and dedication, erxes has become what it is today.

Today, erxes is used daily by more than 25,000 enterprises worldwide 🌎. Our platform is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for businesses, with features such as lead management, marketing automation, customer service, and project management with over 30 plugins 🧩 and many more to come. As an open-source solution, erxes gives users the freedom to use and modify our software as they see fit.

We believe that erxes has the potential to revolutionize the marketing and sales industry, and we are excited to see where this journey will take us ✨.

Thank you for being a part of the erxes community, and lets build a brighter future together.