Introducing a plugin-based architecture

We started erxes with the mission of making marketing technology accessible for all companies at any stage, including the ones in their early days. 

Due to marketing being inextricably linked to other aspects of business, such as finance, core operations, and human resources, we’ve expanded our business scope to include many additional features that are non-marketing upon the request of our clients. We now have plugins of EXM (employee experience management), PMS (product management system), and delivery, and it goes on and on…

This is why, today,  you can not fully define erxes as marketing software anymore. 

The reason why we changed into “Plugins-based”  

While bootstrapping, after +58 enterprise clients, +60 new features, +480 Active SaaS signups, and +$2.7M raised in a pre-seed round, we began to realize that we’re focusing primarily on the larger enterprises, leaving the developer experience entirely out of focus.  

So, we had to look back, draw the developer roadmap, re-evaluate our platform, and conclude that we needed a major change to be sustainable and developer friendly. 

Marketplace is where you can find our plugins

erxes is composed of 2 main components: XOS & Plugins

XOS: It contains the project’s core. You can find the admin panel and the code that runs different plugins. The operating system comes with utility features that allow users to customize, improve speed, and enhance the experience along with plugins/features.

Plugins: erxes has a set of plugins that allow you to create unique customer experiences. We have our own 30+ plugins available on our Marketplace right now, and more plugins will be added by our community members.  

You can develop your own plugins to place them on Marketplace using our Developer guidelines. So, this can increase the source of your revenue. 

The plugins in erxes Marketplace are divided into the following categories:

  • Plugins are features that can work independently to fulfill a particular purpose.
  • Add-ons are the sub-features/integrations that can work with plugins to enhance their experience.
  • Services include all services provided by erxes team to create your unique experiences with erxes.
  • Power-ups are to boost your usage of plugins in your SaaS organization. This applies to only the SaaS plan.

Each plugin has;

  • dependent plugins, which they can not work without them, 
  • and additional plugins that can work to bring out better experiences.

This will allow you to create your unique experiences using the plugins you need. You will be able to see the use cases of each plugin, which can help you learn what you can do with a combination of different plugins as it releases one by one underneath each plugin. I hope you enjoy learning about them. 

Well, there is still more to come. Keep your eyes open for what comes next!