Investing in erxes

erxes is now the first open-source growth marketing software to launch a continuous securities offering (CSO)! CSO allows us to share our financial success not just with industry insiders but also with our community members. This gives everyone in the world the ability to invest in our company at any single time by hitting an “invest now” button on our website.

Rethinking funding

There is an emphasis on startups to go the venture capital route to fund and grow their business. But most recently, more sustainable approaches and ideas have emerged. They highlight that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the other approaches:

  • Eric Ries proposed a Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE) in the epilogue of his book The Lean Startup back in 2011. Last September, the LTSE started offering a public-market option for companies and investors who share a long-term vision.
  • is a program designed to fund and support founders on a path to profitability. It is an investment approach and community of like-minded founders building venture scale businesses focusing on ownership, optionality, and profitable growth.
  • David Galbraith argues that the current models create an ecosystem that benefits the established platforms, but not the small, evergreen businesses. Instead, he proposes an investment method that would neither be debt nor pure equity.

The traditional approach puts the investor at the center of the entrepreneurial phenomenon. But how can we also involve the customers of the business and put them at the heart of the company’s growth?

About Continuous Securities Offering

Another approach is Continuous Securities Offering (CSO). Unlike traditional equity fundraising, a CSO runs continuously. CSO’s creates a market where investors can get exposure to a company’s future revenue performance.

This approach shifts the focus from shareholders to all possible stakeholders. It empowers us to share our financial success with our customers, colleagues, partners, communities, and fans.

To learn more about our CSO and its initial price, please visit

You can start by signing up and verifying your identity. But the official transactions will start on 23 Nov 2020 at 8 PM PST. More details will be released soon. Stay tuned!

About erxes

erxes is an open-source growth marketing software designed to optimize users’ multi-brand businesses. It wraps sales, marketing, and customer support into a single platform. erxes helps users connect with their customers without switching apps for every interaction. erxes offers a built-in messenger, team inbox, knowledge base, and many more. It can be self-hosted or used through the cloud version, aka SaaS.

Since launching in 2017, erxes has been on a mission to provide equal growth opportunities for all businesses. erxes was chosen as one of the Top 100 startups during Echelon Asia Summit 2018. The following year, it was also one of the top 10 finalists of the Techsauce Global Summit Pitch Championship. MJ Amartaivan, Bat-Amar Battulga, and Nauren Batjargal founded erxes in 2017. Its headquarter is in California, with offices in Ulaanbaatar and Singapore.