New generation of HR solution for not just HR managers, but everyone at your workplace

A well-functioning HR system is crucial for attracting, retaining and developing the right talent, and aligning employees with company goals and values. Clear communication and effective management of HR processes is essential for maintaining smooth operations and creating a positive work environment.

At the same time employee retention is a major concern for companies, keeping employees engaged and committed by ensuring they understand the company’s vision, goals and getting regular updates on where the company is heading can help retain employees longer. 

erxes EXM (Employee Experience Management) system designed to make the HR activities of your organization easier, help creating the best experience for everyone at the workplace.

Centralized complete HR database

✷ This is a comprehensive and centralized system designed to efficiently manage and organize all human resource information within an organization. This system is designed to streamline HR processes by consolidating employee information such as 

  • contact details, 
  • employment agreements, 
  • job description,
  • statement of work, 
  • organizational chart, 
  • career history,
  • payroll

into a single location. This allows HR managers to easily access and manage this information, thus reducing the time and effort required for manual data entry and retrieval.

Knowledge, onboarding & training campaign

A “Knowledge” plugin offers new employees easy access to company information, resources, and training opportunities to help adapt into the company’s culture quicker.  EXM’s training platform provides flexible, online access to skill-building, personal and professional development, and new employee orientation from anywhere, anytime. 

Automatically generated HR templates

✷ The pre-made templates will simplify the document generation process where  once key information is input into the template, the EXM system facilitates the automatic generation of various HR documents, such as employment agreements and statements of work. This automation not only eliminates the potential for manual errors, but also saves valuable time for HR professionals.

Fully customizable recruitment pipeline

Our customizable recruitment function and hiring pipeline includes automation features that make managing the recruitment process easy. Manage candidates, interviews, selection and shortlists all in one place, allowing recruiters to focus on more important tasks.

The next generation of  time-tracking system

The Timeclock plugin allows employees to record work shifts, request time off, and schedule shifts on one platform, accessible on web and mobile devices, using the office location coordinates. Automates tracking of monthly totals, tardiness, and absence records, eliminating the need for manual timekeeping and improving accuracy.

Clear view of employee productivity

The “Task” plugin helps employees manage tasks, workload, and deadlines, simplifies task distribution for team leaders, and improves productivity by allowing viewing tasks in various formats.

Employee feed & Communication

One organization, one channel, one chat

A centralized communication channel improves productivity and cohesion within the organization by streamlining information exchange, eliminating confusion and providing group and private chat options with easy access to “most used” and “favorites” . It prevents distractions by external channels like social media, increasing productivity and promoting a more efficient work environment.

Digital Wall of Fame 

Employee recognition promotes satisfaction and motivation. EXM provides a platform for expressing gratitude and acknowledgement of performance to individuals and teams, promoting a positive work environment and culture of excellence.

Quick and efficient asset record 

The assets feature allows HR professionals to manage asset records, streamlining the process of adding and updating information. This makes the process of recording assets faster and more organized within the EXM system.

EXM is a comprehensive approach to employee experience management that addresses all aspects of the employee journey, from recruitment to retirement. With the help of EXM, companies can create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and connected to the company’s mission, leading to higher employee retention and overall organizational success.

Happy work experience, happy life for everyone!

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