Product Update | April

Bug Fixes & Improvements🐞


  • Now available to create two cards from a single conversation
  • When email is connected through IMAP mail activity log is now visible on customer history


  • The reminder notification is now sent to customers when the close dates of Fix-Deal, Task and Ticket are approaching
  • Fixed the squeezed view when private setting is set
  • Edit and Move features are added to the settings

In this way, team members can see the stages they are involved in and move cards between stages and edit cards related to that particular stage. 

  • Changed the font of the Cards’ Time Tracking feature

Product & Services

  • Now available to add Meta information on the category section 
  • Meta property can be inserted now

With the ability to enter meta data, it is possible to choose from different sizes and models when choosing a product when creating an e-commerce website for Enterprise & Platform companies.

Growth Hacking

  • Growth hacking Template is now available to duplicate

Client Portal

  • Now topic search can be done on client portal


  • Fixed the inability to open and load files sent with email campaign


  • Content image can be uploaded now
  • Articles publishhed on forum can be sorted now 

X Builder

  • Templates and sites got improved. The plugin name is no longer “Web Builder”, changed to “X Builder”


  • Fixed the edit save of the Custom Field Data
  • Fixed small bugs and improved the plugin

Erxes Messenger

  • Improved the UI design of the Date and Time option


  • Lunch break can be set on Schedule Configs
  • Added information on reports
  • Overlapping time registration can be checked and displayed
  • UI design of the mobile version got improved

File Manager

  • Now File Manager shows Plugin-Folder and Sub Folder and available to view by tree structure.
  • When cards plugin installed relevant files are displayed

Knowledge Base 

  • Notification is sent when new article is published on Knowledge Base 

Performance Improvement✨

We switched from Apollo/Gateway to Apollo/Router & Apollo/Rover for our Gateway services.