Product Update | February

We are excited to share our recent updates that will enhance overall user experience 🌟. Here’s a breakdown of the new features and improvements:

Forum: We have introduced a new plugin called Forum, which is currently in the alpha version and available for select clients.

Timeclock plugin: Our newly developed Timeclock plugin is now in beta version and also being used by select customers. This plugin allows users to log working hours by location, request time off, and submit requests for working outside.

Bug Fixes & Improvement 🐞

Team Inbox

  • The filter by time interval that previously wasn’t functioning correctly on total received messages has been fixed.
  • Internal notes on Facebook Messenger conversations are now working without any issues. 

Import & Export 

  • Exporting Form responses with the select field has been fixed.

Sales Pipeline 

  • Companies that list sales using the Number of Configurations can now filter cards by numbers. 
  • During the sales process, the price of a product is now visible alongside its name and code, making it easier to distinguish between similar products with different prices.


  • Viewing form respondents information was invisible, it has been fixed. 
  • The number of forms when tagged is working properly
  • Subforms can be added to properties.


  • Unsubscribing from marketing and transactional emails now displays an unsubscription notice instead of redirecting to the erxes login page.

General System Configurations

  • The Local option for uploading files wasn’t working previously but is now fully operational.


  • The Structure has been improved to display the total number of branches and departments within a company, as well as the total number of employees. 
  • The master team member of Branch & Department can be selected. In this way, when searching for a branch & department with a sub branch & department inside, the parent will be displayed along with its children.

Client Portal

  • The ability to comment on created tickets has been improved
  • The search section is now working properly

Team member

  • Detailed information of team members can now be displayed with subforms.


  • Facebook Post and Messenger Data Migration have been updated due to code changes
  • IMAP integration is now fully functional.
  • Zalo plugin has been added to Marketplace.

Wee hope these updates will make your experience with our platform even better. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates 🙌