Product Update | January

We’re thrilled to announce our recent updates that will make your experience with our platform even better ✨Here’s what’s new:

Chat Plugin: We’ve given our Chat Plugin a fresh new UI design, and it’s now available for chatting from the admin section.

Structure Plugin: Our new Structure Plugin allows you to view your company’s structure and total employee numbers easier.

Pricing Plugin: With our Pricing Plugin, you can sell products at different prices, depending on wholesale price, retail price (depending on quantity), branch location, time, and season. This gives you more flexibility and control over your sales.

Bug Fixes & Improvements 🐞

We’ve also made several bug fixes and improvements to enhance your experience with our platform. Here are some of the key updates:

Team Inbox: We fixed a bug where only 20 templates were displayed when selecting email templates from the team inbox menu when sending a direct email to a customer.

Sales Pipeline: Now, you can filter the cards in the sales pipeline by branch and department. This makes it easier to manage your sales pipeline.

Contacts: You can now view archived cards from the pipelines in the customer profile. So, you can have a better overview of your customer interactions.

Segment: We fixed a bug where the number of the segment was not displayed when creating a segment by company. This helps you view the number of users in your organization in real-time.

Campaign: We resolved a bug where attachments were not saved when sending marketing emails.

Client Portal: We’ve made several updates to the Client Portal.

  • Creating a Client Portal without selecting Public Task & Knowledge Base is possible now.
  • We also added a log-out reminder before logging out, fixed the Task & Ticket pipeline display, and made it easier to call customers into the fields on the Client Portal.

Import and export: We fixed a bug where the Products Data Quantity field was displayed without data when exporting and downloading the data.

Team Member: We added an Employee ID field for team members, making it easier to search by Employee ID when using the timeclock plugin and other plugins.

Reports: We added the product quantity field as an option to view on the report.

Integration: We made our Facebook Plugin work independently, and the development of Zalo integration is now complete.

We hope these updates will make your experience with our platform even better. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates 🙌