Product Update | June 2021


Of all the actions performed, 99.22% were performed under 1 second. If you wish to see the technical release notes, please refer to our latest releases on GitHub.

What’s new?

Dashboard Improvements

  • Now you can filter with a custom Date Range
  • Custom Properties are now available as filters
  • Added ‘Average Response Time‘ as a new dimension for Conversations (the duration until a conversation receives a response)
  • Added ‘Average Resolve Time‘ as a new dimension for Conversations (the duration until a conversation is marked as resolved)
  • Cards are now available as a chart type. You can measure the card count for all types of cards and deal cards’ total or average amounts.
Average response time.gif
  • When filtering by the hour, the x-axis (horizontal) was still displaying days.
  • Fixed the selection from a dropdown list issue when filtering with Brands

Incoming Webhook Improvements

  • Added possibility to send Tracked Data:
  "data": {
      "key": "value",
      "another key": "another value"
  • Added possibility to create Parent Company:
  "parentCompany": {
      "companyPrimaryEmail": "",
      "companyPrimaryPhone": "+123456789",
      "companyPrimaryName": "example llc",
      "companyCode": "123456",
      "companyWebsite": "",
      "companyIndustry": "Automobiles",
      "companyBusinessType": "Investor",
      "companyData": {
          "custom field key": "value"
  • Now you can create or update multiple contacts/companies via a single webhook request.

Mobile App Improvements


  • Fixed the issue when Team Members photos were not showing
  • Some sections are now hidden according to the user’s permissions
  • Notifications are available within the apps at the top right corner.
  • In-app live chat is now available in the ‘More’ section.

Team Inbox

  • Increased the speed of swipe left action when selecting multiple conversations
  • When you click on links within an email conversation, now it opens in your default mobile browser
  • Replaced the wrong alert after bulk resolving conversations


  • Activity logs in the Contact Profile were mismatched
  • Error when adding new Lead contact

Bug Fixes and UX Improvements


  • Added possibility to pass Contact/Company Custom Property data through the erxes Messenger script
  • Moved the Common Mail Config settings from General Settings to Organization Settings. This setting is for customizing end-user-facing communication emails templates and addresses. Also, this config is only enabled and displayed when a Company Branding add-on is purchased. Now customers can set all company branding-related settings from a single page.
  • Fixed the issue regarding subscriptions and usage on the Global Profile
  • Fixed the issue when an organization was closed due to account inactivity even though they had an active subscription. Refunded the customers and restored their organization.
  • Archived Team Members were still visible throughout the interface, i.e., on the Card preview as Assignees, Messenger operators, Permission Group previews, etc.
  • When exporting all submissions for a certain form, only the first 20 forms were displayed in the Settings/Import section.
  • Updated the wrong alert when deleting a tag in Settings/Tags. When you delete a tag, it only removes the tag from the associated items and does not delete the tagged items.


  • Some user modified text, i.e., form description and submit button, wasn’t reflected in the live version of the form.
  • When viewing a form submission from the Contact Profile, the submission timestamp was missing.
  • Fixed the UI of a form submission when displayed in the Team Inbox. The attachment file title text was not wrapped in the container.


  • Added Card Properties as Attributes to the Email editor. For example, if you’re creating Campaign messages for Board and Pipelines, you can add the card title, deal amount, stage changed date, etc., in the content to personalize it for the end-user.
CleanShot 2021-07-02 at 19.12.06.gif
  • Removed the hh:mm:ss part of a personalization attribute when a date property is used.


  • Added over 20 new icons for parent and subcategories
CleanShot 2021-07-03 at 15.40.45.gif
  • Fixed the bug when a user couldn’t add a new article
  • When a parent category is created, the knowledgebase widget will be displayed as pages.