Product Update | Mar 2021

What’s new?

Introducing Properties 2.0

Now you can change the visibility of both default and custom Properties and create Card Properties. Previously, you could not hide any of the default properties or set the custom property visibility, and you could only create custom properties for Contacts.

The visibility has two options:

  • Visible in the Team Inbox – hide it from the right sidebar in the Team Inbox
  • Visible in Detail – hide it from the Contact Profile

We added custom property options for Cards. This improvement paves the way for even more customization and automation capabilities. The custom Card properties will be useful if you want to track more repetitive attributes of a Deal, Task, or Ticket in your pipelines. Compared to the Card Label, these custom properties will not be visible in the Card preview. So, it’s best to keep using Labels for tracking attributes that have more priority, as they allow you to identify cards visually. These custom properties can be used with Segments and Dashboards (Reports).

Card Segments

With the aforementioned Card Properties, you can now segment your Deal, Task, and Ticket Cards. With Cards segments you can create your own filters for your Pipelines.

You can do this with custom properties or, for example, identify the deals that need attention by segmenting with the date when you last modified or changed the stage of the card. You can read more about the use cases in this blog post.

custom pipeline filters with card segments.gif

Pipeline Improvements

  • Filter your cards in the Sales Pipeline, Task, and Tickets by a custom date range. Previously, you could only filter by the given options, such as “Due tomorrow,” “Overdue,” etc. With this improvement, you can filter cards in the past and in a specific timeframe in the future.
  • Filters cards assigned to you with a single click. We’ve also added a new button to the list of possible filters: “Assigned to me.” Before this improvement, customers had to type in their names in the “Filter by team members” field each time. You can create a dedicated Board or Pipeline for your entire team, and you will be able to find your tasks or deals with a single click.
  • The calendar view is also available for Tasks and Tickets now. If your Tasks and Ticket cards have a due date, you can see those cards in the Calendar view. To view it, please click on the calendar button in the top right corner. Previously, the calendar view was only available for the Sales Pipeline feature. But for planning and operational management, now you can see your tasks and tickets by months.
  • Sort Cards in a stage. Now you can sort your cards in a Sales Pipeline, Tasks, and Tickets. There are a few options for sorting:
    • By date created
    • By date modified
    • By date assigned (due date)
    • Alphabetically

Form Logic

Conditional form fields If you want to use a single form for multiple purposes and tailor it to different audiences, you apply conditions to your questions. Another use case would be to use the form logic for repeat customers:

form logic example.gif

Currently, the logic can hide or display question B depending on what was the answer to question A.

Setting field width

Now you can set the width of your questions. The most commonly used fields such as First name, Last name, Phone, Email can now fit in single rows. The width options are:

  • full width
  • half width
  • 1/3 width
  • 1/4 width
CleanShot 2021-03-31 at 15.38.08.png

We’ve expanded the Property option for fields. With this feature, erxes will now automatically save any responses submitted through your form to any default or custom Properties. Previously this was only available for custom properties. For example, now you can ask your customers to submit a photo and it could be saved as their avatar.

Creating multiple Contacts with one submission

With the Group Name option, you can now create multiple Contacts within one submission.

Creating a Company profile along with the Contact in one submission

Another additional improvement is that now you can also create or update Company profiles through your forms. For example, if you would like to automatically associate Contacts with their Companies, you can add the Company field.

This is a big step towards adding automation to Forms. For example, if a visitor fills out a form and selects a specific option from a multiple checkbox question, the system will automatically create a Deal Card or that specific visitor will be added to a Segment.

Tag Management

  • You can now merge any two ‘standalone’ tags, i.e., tags with no subtags. You need to disconnect subtags from a parent tag if you want to merge the parent tag.
  • You can create as many subtags as you want.
  • We’ve also made it possible to delete any unwanted tags even if they are currently in use. Before, you had to untag the items before deleting the tag.

Company profiles with Webhooks

You can now create Company profiles with incoming webhooks.

Aside from creating Leads, passing data into the Custom Properties of contact, and receiving attachments, you can now create Companies. To create Companies you can pass the following types of data into erxes:

"companyPrimaryName":"example llc",

To set up the incoming webhook, please go to Settings -> App Store -> Incoming Webhook.

Widget simulations

Now you can simulate any of the erxes widgets (Forms, Messenger, Knowledgebase) before you install them on your website. With this new feature, you can interact with the widgets. For example, you can send a message through Messenger and respond to it from your Team Inbox.

SMS feature – Australia

In addition to the US, Canada, and the UK, our customers in Australia can now send two-way SMS texts domestically. To start sending SMS, please follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a phone number as an add-on
  2. Purchase the add-on ‘SMS Sending (Australia)’
  3. Claim a phone number (additional step: fill out an order form)
  4. Create an SMS integration

Compared to the other regions, the Australian SMS configuration has an additional step of ID verification. All individuals and companies who want to use Australian phone numbers, need to submit a few documents through the order form.

Bug Fixes and UX Improvements


  • Form confirmation email format was sent as centered, even if the user added different formatting.
  • When creating a Form field connected to a Custom Property, the selection was not displayed in the UI, even though it is saved on the back-end.
  • When the Callout option is disabled, couldn’t load the preview.


  • Any forms and a knowledgebase added to the erxes Messenger kept disappearing after an edit.
  • Updated the link of the help guide when adding an IMAP integration
  • Updated the preview of erxes Messenger creation to reflect the recently added functions.


  • Added ‘Brand’ filter to Contact and Company dimensions
  • Added Visitor, Lead, Customer states to Contact dimension
  • Fixed the tag filter
  • Removed deactivated team members from the filters
  • When an operator is “is set” the input value is no longer visible.

Team Inbox

  • Could not convert a conversation into an existing card
  • SMS conversations with over 160 characters weren’t sending. Now the conversation is split into two or more texts and sent.
  • When filtered, the total number of conversations counted the conversations from a channel you were not part of.
  • Conversation Tags were showing negative values.


  • When creating a Manual Campaign, users had only two options: cancel or save. The wording of these actions was vague and did not clarify that when you click on ‘Save,’ it sends the message. Now we have 3 actions possible at the end of the Manual Campaign creation: Cancel, Save & Draft, Send & Live.
  • When a Tag, Brand, or Segment was not selected white creating a Campaign message, instead of sending to 0 contacts, it sent to all contacts in the organization.
  • When a SaaS customer connects their own AWS SES account to use with erxes Campaigns, their usage was restricted according to erxes subscription plans. Now there is no limit to how many emails you send with your own AWS SES account.


  • Some individual actions were not permitted even though “All Actions” were selected. Read more here.
  • Added the ‘Fix Permissions‘ button to check if there are any missing permissions when “All Actions” are allowed.


  • Could not download the import templates.
  • The import task was still sending a request to the system even after the import task was completed.

Products and Services

  • Couldn’t add Products and Services into a Deal Card when accessing deals from the Contact Profile.
  • Added decimal punctuation to the Unit Price of Products and Services.


  • Links in the internal in-app notifications weren’t wrapped to fit.
  • Links in the internal email notifications weren’t working.
  • Search action for cards was not working on the mobile apps
  • When filtering with a parent tag, the items within the subtags weren’t showing.
  • When custom Property is created with a checkbox & radio button type, and the input validation is set as ‘number,’ couldn’t select from the input options.
  • Error while changing stages for an Archived Card.
  • Added stage update and edit logs for Boards and Pipelines.
  • When you purchase multiple products (i.e., add-ons) on erxes, your subscriptions will be bundled into one payment, and only one transaction request will be sent to your bank.
  • As part of our recently introduced monitoring tool, we started tracking and fixing performance issues. We’ll start reporting on them from next month by making month-over-month comparisons.


  • Log in or password reset emails are not received by some users when using the magic link option. This is due to the status of the email address in question being unverifiable on the system. This issue is on hold as we plan to introduce a native Gmail integration, which will allow users to sign in with their Gmail accounts directly. In the meantime, users can reach out to us to set a temporary password.
  • A few of our customers have been facing unstable IMAP integrations when the emails stop syncing for no reason. Currently, the only solution is to escalate the individual account’s issue to the service provider and get it resolved. This takes too much time and this does not solve the issue permanently. We’ve discussed this internally and with our service provider. We will be introducing a native Gmail integration soon.