Product Update | March

  • Timeclock Plugin is placed on SaaS
  • File manager plugins alpha version development completed. It will be uploaded to the marketplace soon.
  • Connection with the Corporate gateway service of Khan Bank was made
  • Updated the API on as known as the developer guide.
  • Github doc has been updated. Added ui-local
  • RabbitMQ has been decoupled from elasticsearch.

Bug Fixes & Improvements ğŸž

Team Inbox 

  • The response template search has been resolved


  • Fixed the UI bug where percentages were duplicated when arranging Stage configurations.


  • Fixed the bug where the number of tagged forms was not visible
  • Fixed a bug where the date was displayed incorrectly

Team Member

  • For employees of group companies with multiple team members, it is now possible to import and export team members.

X Builder 

  • User experience has been improved.
  • Added pagination 
  • Added a blank template button created
  • Added site image uploader button created 
  • Added site search button created 
  • Removed useless meta tag information from templates
  • Added a template search section
  • Added a site duplication button
  • Fixed the permission checker

Client Portal 

  • OTP verification is sent to the old phone number to renew the registered phone number
  • Google login authentication established 
  • Facebook login authentication newly created
  • Improved the user primary email verification process 
  • Improved speed of notifications to client portal user’s mobile
  • The forgotten password setting section has been added.


  • User interface got improved
  • Added a loader 
  • Pagination bug has been fixed
  • Fixed bug where tag was not saved during draft
  • The news display is in the order of the published date, instead of the created date


  • Renewed UI design of the payment plugin 
  • Integrated Storepay to payment, which is a point-of-sale loan service 


  • A report is issued from the plugin made for that customer

Import & Export 

  • The ability to export cards plugin information via Branch & Department has been added.


  • The UI of the time log list display section has been improved.
  • The reporting section has been improved.
  • Filtered by department / branch / user IDs
  • On the time register, you can edit the start and end time, and filter through it.
  • The total number of days and hours that a team member should work in a month can be adjusted when creating a time record.
  • When creating time records, the holiday can be set.

Knowledge base 

  • Fixed a bug where the article and sub-category did not change when the parent category was changed.