Product Update|Jan and Feb 2022

Dear customer, we hope you all have a great day!

The decision to overhaul the erxes platform was made late last year.We would like to inform you that within months of the decision, we are carrying out this major transition as planned.This includes:

  1. The erxes platform is a program written in Node JS, Javascript  programming language, Server wise our online version (SaaS) is built on the AWS server, while organizations using the enterprise version can copy and configure our open source code on the server of their choice and use it as their core application system.
  2. “XOS” – Experience Operating System is the new name for our product. erxes started as a Marketing Technology platform, but  due to  marketing  being inextricably linked to other  aspects of business such as finance, core operations, and human resources,  we have decided to expand our scope to include  the most valuable technology based systems in every area of ​​an organization’s business, the creation of experiences .
  3. “Plugins based” architecture  –  erxes  is a comprehensive platform that can replace at least 7 or more  tools in the field of marketing technology. Previously these features (modules) were part of the core erxes platform and as such could cause the entire system to crash in the event of an error in one of the modules. Adapting the plugin based architecture means that even in the event of an error the core system and other plug-ins can work without interfering with each other’s operation. This opens the possibility to develop stand-alone plugins separately without having to modify the core erxes platform. 
  4. Serverless architecture –  This planned upgrade will save server costs for all organizations as the server charges are only accrued when the server is under load. It also means that the speed and responsiveness of the system will see a marked improvement

5. Future Opportunities – The big advantages of our “Plugins Based” update are:

  • Using the basic operating system of the erxes platform, developers (individuals) and  independent agencies will be able to develop additional plug-ins in their field and sell them to our end-users through our Plugin marketplace to generate additional revenue through our monetization program.
  • If you need to make additional improvements or  plugins based on the needs of your large enterprise, you can develop them inhouse or by hiring a third-party development company
  •  In summary:

Please understand that we will not be making any significant updated to our existing version until erxes version 1.0 (XOS) is ready to deploy in June

But once the new system is ready, we are confident that you will be most satisfied with the new capabilities, flexibility and frictionless operation of the erxes platform .

We will share more about the plugins that are currently working with the erxes platform and the possibility of generating revenue by creating plugins in our next blog.