Why Open Source is the way to go?

Open source has become increasingly popular among individuals and companies in the field of software development. Over the years, open source software has proven to be a reliable and efficient alternative to closed-source software. More and more companies, including erxes, have recognized the benefits of going open source. Find out why open source is the way to go below. 


Open source is a platform where programmers can share their codes publicly, much like artists exhibit their work in galleries. With thousands of developers actively contributing and checking out each other’s projects, the community is constantly exploring new ways to build on existing code. Because numerous eyes are constantly observing and checking, only the best works are showcased on open source, resulting in fewer bugs and vulnerabilities.

Security and transparency

Because the source code is open to anyone, more eyes are available to review it, which leads to fewer security issues. Additionally, open source allows you to audit the source code yourself, allowing you to check if the code is good or bad. On the other hand, closed software does not provide this level of transparency.


With access to the source code, developers can modify and customize it to meet their unique needs, allowing for more feature and functionality development to be built on top of the source code. This flexibility makes it easier to integrate with other software as well.

Affordable pricing

Open source software is also more affordable than closed software since the ability to modify and customize the code eliminates the need for costly licenses and consultations. Open source is a community-driven software focused on providing value to users rather than generating profits. This means that features and functionalities are developed based on user needs rather than revenue generation potential.

A place for developers’ growth

Last but not least, developers are the ones who are responsible for writing the codes and bringing the software to life. Open source is a place where developers can grow and learn from one another. With countless libraries and projects freely available on open source, developers can practice their coding skills by fixing bugs and reviewing others’ code. Contributions to other projects also increase exposure to the community and expand the network.

Open source offers a variety of opportunities and benefits, and the above points are just a trailer of a good three hour movie. If you are looking to develop software with excellent security, high-quality source code, flexibility, low-cost, and a great environment for your developers, then open source is the way to go.

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