Why Should We Care about Customer Journey?

The era that we’re living in is a definition of competition, hence maintaining a successful business is a real challenge for marketers and business owners. Differentiating ourselves and standing out from our competitors require us to keep on-trend and to be aware of the new wave of marketing trends. As time goes on, customers tend to use different types of channels to get an excellent shopping experience, such as Facebook, messenger, e-mail, and SMS. The concept is not a new term though, Omni-channel has first introduced a decade ago, and was devised to describe a shopping experience that extends beyond multi-channel.

Based on the term, customer touchpoint is an opportunity to satisfy customers, encourage repeat purchase, and use the effect of mouth-of-mouth advertising. In other words, Omni-channel promises the best customer experience within your company.

One of the main explanatory variables of the decision-making process is searching for information where customers can gather enough information to evaluate alternatives from internal and external sources. It’s essential for modern businesses to provide systematic information which is relevant to customers’ decision-making. Furthermore, it’s a major component for marketers to know which touchpoints to invest time and money in order to win their customers. erxes CRM makes it possible for businesses to identify their customers’ journey, help them to increase the number of leads, and drive sales with the result of form on the erxes messenger and landing page.

On the other hand, the employee is the heart of the company, EX is the journey an employee takes with organization, from workspace to right tools. erxes team inbox allows the sales, marketing, and customer support team to save enormous time and resources while increasing productivity. 

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