Product Update | March, April, and May 2022

Dear customers, hope all is well!

With the release of Experience Operating System (XOS), we’ve made a lot of changes that make XOS even easier to use, but also offer more powerful features to help your business grow. In the past few months, as our clients converted to our new system we’ve been taking all of your feedback to make sure the XOS version is everything you want and more. 

We’ve worked hard to improve upon the user experience and make the overall product that much better, and we think you’ll agree when you see it in action. If you aren’t familiar with XOS, you can check out more details here.

For many people, the changes in this new version are more about functionality than appearances, so here are some of the highlights of the new XOS that have been getting people talking.


Plugin search and pin

With our updated erxes you can now pin your must-use plugins to have smooth experience. 

  • PIN

Save your time by searching your plugins through the GO TO window on the top left corner. 

  • GO TO


  • Privacy settings are now accessed by the Department team. 

We added “department” in the view settings for deal, task, ticket fields. This allows you to choose the required section rather than choose each team member individually.

  • It is now possible to identify the cards that have been in use for more than the set date. If your card is still the same after the set date, you can distinguish your cards through “stage age”. The cards that have extended the set date will appear in lighter color. 

Property field

  • Basic information can now be hidden from contact and inbox sections.

Basic contact information was available for everyone before the May product update. Now you can secure your contact information. 

  • We added object list field

Allowing you to add multiple constant value templates. For example:

  • Emergency contact information
  • College, University information
  • Bank account information 

Click here for more information.

Locations field

Location field has options to manually mark and select location from previous history.

Click here for more information.

Improvements and fix

  • Previously sent emails is now visible on “campaign tab” 
  • Pipeline duplicate error has been fixed. 
  • Campaign automate on SaaS, manual sending state option can now be delivered.
  • Clicking on “Customer” the duplicate values ​​that appear twice when customizing has been fixed.
  • Sign in through magic link downtime has been fixed.
  • Sign in through email has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that appeared to be undefined when it came to customizing the “Company”.
  • Import section has been fixed. 
  • Integration for messages on erxes Messenger.
  • “Something is error” pop up has been fixed.
  • Related integration options section is now available.
  • Easy access to finding “My plan’s feature”. 
  • Notification and confirmation emails can be received. 
  • Option for “email valid” on “Customer Property” section is in use.
  • Icon change for Web messenger is now available. 
  • “Payload size exceeded”  error on email template is now applicable.
  • “Property” section has been added to Campaign attribute 
  • You can now click on the previous page while creating Form.
  • Error on Reports have been fixed. 
  • “Mass mail” on Campaign is accessible. 
  • Internal notes can be deleted. 
  • Fixed Email template upload. 
  • White screen on Integration add ons have been fixed. 
  • Form created section in up and running.
  • Image upload error has been fixed. 
  • GRAPHquel error on Saas has been fixed.
  • Add team member options available on Task.
  • Callpro connection has been fixed.

Product updates can be tedious and annoying, but they’re worth it in the long run. Learn how to make the most of your monthly product updates by keeping yourself informed of what changes have been made, updating your system as soon as you can and taking advantage of support resources that will help you adjust to new features when necessary.