Reasons to choose erxes

In the digital era, a multitude of companies offer experience management tools and platforms. However, erxes sets itself apart from these competitors in several compelling ways. In this article, we will explore the outstanding traits of choosing erxes as your preferred solution.

Open source

First and foremost, unlike other alternatives, erxes offer open source versions along with SaaS (software as a service). So how does being open source benefit you? Finding platforms that perfectly fit your needs is rare. Fortunately with erxes open source version we can meet your needs. Our source code is publicly available on Github for anyone to use, meaning that you have the complete control of the software to  modify according to your specific needs.

Affordable SaaS version

At erxes, we follow the “Pay As You Grow” model because we believe in providing flexible pricing that allows customers to experience our product before committing. We offer a free plan initially with certain limits, and once you reach those limits, you can upgrade by paying for increased capacity starting from 5$ a month for a plugin. 


With erxes’ self-hosted platform, businesses have full ownership and control over their data. You no longer have to rely on third parties for updates and upgrades. By hosting the platform yourself, you gain independence and can secure sensitive data within your organization.

Complete experience management

Last but not least, erxes is your one-stop solution to experience management. From Human Resources to Customer Relationship Management and Digital Marketing, we have you completely covered. Our platform is equipped with over 50 versatile plugins, ensuring that you and your customers receive a valuable and comprehensive experience. With erxes, you can efficiently manage all aspects of your business and deliver exceptional experiences that drive growth and success.

Customization & flexibility

By being open source and self-hosted, erxes provide a high degree of customization and flexibility. Thus, you can tailor our platform to suit your specific requirements, modify functionalities, integrate with other systems, and design a solution that perfectly fits their workflow and processes.


Through giving access to our source code you can view, modify, and contribute to the underlying codebase. This transparency ensures that the inner workings of the software are open for scrutiny, reducing the likelihood of hidden vulnerabilities or malicious activities.


By centralizing all customer interactions into a single platform, we enable you to deliver a consistent and seamless experience across various channels. This consistency improves customer satisfaction, minimizes friction in their journey, and boosts the chances of retaining their loyalty.

Down to earth

As a startup, erxes was founded based on the very issues we faced in our own experiences. We understand the frustration and complexities that arise in everyday business operations. That’s why we are deeply committed to building products that solve real-life problems.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience erxes firsthand. Try our free plan today and discover the transformative impact it can have on your business.