Do you value the open exchange of information?

Nowadays, more businesses are starting to understand the value of open-source software (OSS). Fortune 500 companies, governments, major software companies and startups started using open source code long time ago. Unlike commercial software, OSS puts code directly into the hands of developers. It allows them to test, change, extend, and add features as needed. As a result, businesses can enjoy a solution that fits their actual needs and goals.

So, today I wanted to highlight the benefits of OSS and encourage you to join our community and the movement at large.

Open Source Software Benefits

With no run-time licensing fees, organizations can have as many copies as needed — often with zero extra cost when using OSS.

Companies can end up spending a lot more on rework cost caused by choosing a quick fix in the short term. Instead, avoid technical debt by choosing a better long-term approach with extendable and reusable open source solution.

When companies move to OSS, they will never be dependent on a vendor for products and services. Thus, they can avoid vendor lock-in, which makes it hard for the user to switch to another vendor without large costs.

Freedom with the source code also allows developers to co-create unique solutions. As a result, it facilitates a constant process of peer review.

The very essence of OSS is the talented pool of developers who value community and the open exchange of information. Diversity in this pool is also essential to influence the tech industry at large. So, we invite everyone who supports the cause of OSS to join our community, regardless of technical backgrounds.

Open source code is a public good.

From “Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure” by Nadia Eghbal

Join our community

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You can also read our interviews with open source experts from the Open Source Growth Guidebook series.

The open source community is the backbone of our digital infrastructures. It drives the development and transformation of technologies. Let’s all keep up with this flow and enjoy every minute of this journey!