The Ultimate Logistics Solution for Freelance Drivers/Shippers and Clients

Tumen Tech is an innovative logistics platform that connects freelance delivery drivers with clients needing reliable delivery services. It integrates various erxes XOS’ plugins such as Forms, Car, Sales Pipeline, TopUps, and Payment for efficient registrations, vehicle information, deal tracking, security, and payment methods. Also, Tumen Tech mobile app, powered by erxes, was created for freelance drivers to get updated on new listings. To bring clarity for clients and drivers on locations and distances, Google Map is merged. Whether you’re a client looking for reliable delivery services or a driver seeking new opportunities, Tumen Tech is the ultimate solution for all your logistics needs.


The Forms Plugin is a solution to streamline the registration process for drivers, vehicles, and shippers. It allows you to customize the questions and input types required for each registration, making it easier to collect all the necessary information. Additionally, Forms simplifies the process of booking and creating postings to find drivers and shippers.

Our Forms Plugin ensures a seamless registration experience for both end users and Tumen Tech. Providing customizable questions and input types helps provide the right opportunities for the right users. With our user-friendly forms, getting started on the Tumen Tech platform is a breeze.


We understand that managing multiple vehicles can be a daunting task, which is why we have designed our Car plugin to be user-friendly and efficient. Our Plugin is a comprehensive tool that records all registered vehicles, including plate numbers and production and importation dates. With this information, you can easily track and manage vehicles with ease. Additionally, our Plugin allows you to filter the registered vehicles by segments, such as straight, dump, refrigerated truck, etc., enabling quick finding of the correct type of truck for the specific needs.

Sales Pipeline 

The Sales Pipeline tool provides a clear overview of all client listings, displaying their reservation number and relevant details of the postings they created, such as their full name and contact number. In addition to these features, Sales Pipeline allows you to track and monitor every stage of your deals, from initial contact with a client to a successful closing. With a Sales Pipeline, you can stay on top of your sales pipeline and never miss an opportunity to grow your business.

Top Ups

The Top Up Plugin was explicitly designed for Tumen Tech to simplify the process of charging customer accounts. By utilizing Top Up, customers can effortlessly add funds to their accounts, enabling them to take advantage of the full range of services offered on the platform, such as access to contact information for freelance drivers and shippers. This allows for seamless communication, exchanging of information, and deal-making.


Our Payment plugin provides reliable and secure support for two popular payment methods, Qpay and SocialPay. These methods enable individuals and businesses in Mongolia to transfer money faster and safer than ever before electronically. Payment plugin leverages their services to provide a seamless payment experience that guarantees the safety and security of all transactions.

Google Map

We have integrated Google Maps into the Tumen Tech platform, providing an excellent solution for both drivers/shippers and customers to calculate the distance between pick-up and delivery locations. This feature enables users to plan the shipping process effectively in busy urban areas, where traffic can be a significant issue.

In addition to calculating the distance, Google Maps also provides valuable information about pick-up and delivery locations, including detailed directions and real-time traffic updates. This helps drivers and shippers plan their routes more efficiently, reducing delivery times and improving customer satisfaction.

Tumen Tech is currently running with great success, boasting over 1200 registered vehicles, more than 3200 registered drivers and shippers, and 14 diverse categories of automobiles.

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