Five ways to create a positive customer experience

Creating positive customer experiences has proven to be a crucial part of running a business as technology advances. Companies used to identify loyal customers through recurring purchases. But consumer behavior has evolved past this. Customers talk positively about their favorite products and services or share their positive experiences with the company. Also, research has shown that one in three customers would stop using a previously liked brand after one bad experience with them. Furthermore, 92% of clients would walk away from the organization after receiving two or three unsatisfactory experiences. Thus, organizations need to ensure positive customer experiences to gain their loyalty. Here we have compiled five ways for you to gain loyal customers through positive experiences.

1. Increase employee satisfaction
Employee satisfaction is crucial when it comes to creating better customer experiences. Employees, especially service-related employees, directly influence the customer’s experience. For example, 92% of consumers reported that an employee’s happiness impacts their customer experience. By improving the employees’ work environment and human resources policies, you will have a better chance of creating a positive CX.

2. Enhance your UX/UI design
Customers should be able to locate the information they need quickly. Having an easy-to-navigate UX/UI design is critical to customer satisfaction and creating a positive experience. The main points to focus on and enhance in your UX/UI designs are:

  • Develop a method to save users time
  • Reduce friction, i.e., the number of steps to reach or complete actions
  • Help manage user’s journey by utilizing an onboarding bot or guide
  • Optimal placement of high usage areas/buttons
  • Create a design that grabs the customer’s attention

3. Remember what happened yesterday
Providing personalized customer support is key to creating a positive customer experience. So, creating a workflow system that logs and tracks all previous interactions is essential. This speeds the support process while improving the organization’s brand and customer satisfaction.

4. Find your customer service niche
Focusing on what makes your business different from others is essential. Pay attention to the quality of your products and services, marketing strategies, and customer service. Manage your customer service in unique ways to gain and keep loyal customers. 

5. Track your customer journey
By tracking your customer’s journey, you can start optimizing your company’s operations along the journey. This goes all the way from the customer’s discovery of the company to becoming a loyal customer. Plan these stages with care and aim to fix any negative experiences. Organizations that track the customer’s journey and use the results increase customer satisfaction by an astonishing 81%

By following the above tips, you can increase customer satisfaction, and maintain loyal customers. Researchers have found that a simple 5% increase in customer retention can increase the company’s profits by 25-95%.

Next Steps

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