How can SaaS providers use erxes effectively?

  1. The reason SaaS providers MUST use erxes is Tracked data. 

erxes can allow you to get data from the logged-in users of your SaaS or app to erxes, where you can use those data for many purposes. You can track your customers’ actions starting from signing up to what they’re doing, their behavior, frequency of usage, etc. All the information backed with real data and can be able to segment and automate the onboarding sequences and curate all the actions that can be taken by your support team. 

How can you track data? 

To track data from the logged-in users of your SaaS, you need to place the erxes Messenger on your SaaS and/or mobile app SDK first. Please go to the Messenger plugin – guidelines to create your messenger. Then when you’re ready to place your Messenger script code on your SaaS or mobile app, you add lists of additional codes that can help you to track the data. Have a look at some of the data you can track:

❓How to segment your customer data to create onboarding sequences? 

Once you can track the data, you can create different segmentation to organize those data to prepare for creating pre-curated onboarding sequences for your new clients. 

❓How to do event tracking? 

You can even track the actions of your website visitor and SaaS users with the help of event-tracking options provided by erxes, which can be used for Marketing or Sales purposes. Please learn more about it on our Segmentation plugin – tutorial.

2. The omnichannel experience is the second reason why you should use erxes for. 

Having all your communication from Omni-channels in one place gives your team one tool-focused & customer-centric experience, where you can manage your customer communications fully from a single point together with your team members. 

❓How to integrate your Omnichannel into your shared Inbox? 

  • To order to manage an effective omnichannel experience at erxes, you need to understand the concept of brands/channels. 
  • With the Brands, you manage their multi-brand channels the most efficiently. erxes is the only Marketing software that can provide this brilliant feature to enterprises.
  • Channel is used for the Inbox plugin only, It helps sort the incoming information channels according to the different teams responsible for them. Please find more about them in our user guidelines, where we explain Brands and Channels in detail. 
  • After you set up your brands/channels, you can integrate all your channels into your shared inbox. Below are all the available integrations that you can link to your inbox.

Once everything is in place, please invite your team members to your workplace according to their user permissions and get started. 

3. Help Center is the third reason SaaS providers MUST use erxes. 

erxes also allow you to create the Help Center, where customers can find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Designed to resolve many common queries that a brand receives, a Help Center should make it simple for customers to find the answers they’re looking for. 

  • This will save you time in educating both your clients and team members to learn about any of your complicated solutions.
  • You can even place your product roadmap and ticket management process to save millions of your time in communicating with your clients to explain about them.

❓How to create your Help Center? 

With erxes, you can create a fully manageable Help Center with the help of the Knowledge Base plugin, which you can update its content regularly without technical need. When creating your Help Center on erxes Knowledge Base, you should know how to categorize your content first. 

Each Knowledge Base has

  • Main category – Knowledge Base divided into main categories
  • Subcategory – Main categories are divided into subcategories 
  • Article – Subcategories divided into articles

After preparing all your content on your Knowledge Base, you can create your Help Center using the Help Center – guidelines. Make sure to place your prepared Knowledge Base for your Help Center by clicking the Knowledge Base available in the Settings section of your Help Center plugin. 

❓How to place your product roadmap and ticket on your Help Center? 

You can also share your product roadmap and ticket management process easily on your Help Center, visible to your clients. So, your clients are aware of the process of their tickets and requests directly from the Help Center, which will save you time and embrace transparency. 

⚠️ Be careful about the grammar and naming standards of your ticket/task once all your product roadmap and ticket process are visible to your clients on the Help Center. 

4. Lastly, erxes Report will help your management team to execute the right decisions based on solid data every day. 

I hope you enjoy your journey with erxes and get the most out of it using more technical guidelines in our user guide. We look forward to hearing your feedback. 🤗