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Erxes Messenger connects you to your customers like never before with its powerful capability of having a real-time conversation from the places where they are.


You can customize the look and feel of your messenger's logo on the website, and you can add links to other information and auto-reply sections. The incoming user can also get answers according to their language preferences. You can link to your website page in the official web messenger or link to the form you receive from the user.


With erxes, not only is their customer support faster, but it’s more effective, too.


Increased focus on product development reduced the number of problems reported by 23% in the first year after using erxes


Templates keep responses accurate and consistent across interactions, allowing them to resolve 100% of customer issues within 24 hours


Twice fewer staff members focused on customer service, freeing up more of their team to focus on long-term company goals


Erxes Messenger connects you to customers like next level. Stay the closest to your customers and do things differently, but spot on.


Text, Audio, and Video messenger

Chat with your customer and leads directly using communication tools

Automate your timing on messenger

Set up available hours to communicate and let them know you’ll get back to it automatically

Using template for FAQ like pro

Set up prepared answers to and place it on Messenger or use it as a template while chatting

Screen control for while supporting customer

While video chatting with your customers, you even can control their screen if necessary

Set up rule for every unique requirement

Your Messenger can be seen in different languages depending on different geographical locations

Customers able to choose who to talk to

Customers/Leads can choose the team member they would like to chat a live


Get surprised knowing what you can do with forms on your Messenger, and you can change it anytime without technical help

  • checkSatisfaction survey with the automatically generated report
  • checkJob CV forms with fields can directly sink into your HR database
  • checkPop-up forms on your product pages to generate leads
  • checkFeedback, inquiry forms
  • checkSurvey for new products and services
  • checkLoan to request a loan or any other products/services you have


Messenger can be placed on your website, SaaS product or mobile application. Using tracking data, you’ll be able to set up all sorts of prepared marketing messages to appear for the target group of people or particular events. Messages can be:

  • checkYour brand new products/service information on the product page
  • checkDiscount you’re offering for the upcoming new year’s eve
  • checkNew offers for your high-level clients while they’re accessing your software
  • checkOr simple seasonal greetings with your company branding messages to all your customers
  • checkSchedule sales meetings on Messenger
  • checkGrowth Hacking on every single possibility on each segmentation based on tracking data


Onboarding sequence

Full length of onboarding sequence for your customers using your software

Knowledge Base

Place your knowledge base on your Messenger wherever your customers are


All the answers to FAQ about your products and services

Tracked data

Make every conversation special using all the tracked data

Announcement & Greetings

Bank Holiday or any other product-related announcement can be made with Messenger

Internal Chat

Team members can discuss the matter internally on a particular chat without client’s knowledge


With tracked data, you can collect all necessary data while communicating with your customer and raise the right conversation. By placing some extra code on your messenger script, you can collect information like:

  • checkCreate segmentation based on the tracked data
  • checkNumbers of usage on your software for each customer
  • checkActions customers made while using your software
  • checkSee if the customers are active on your software on not
  • checkSee the last time customers got access to your software

The Messenger plugin is available at erxes marketplace for all users when you get started with erxes. When you install the Team Inbox plugin, the Messenger plugin comes with it for free as it’s one of the core plugins erxes provides.

⚙️ Self-hosted client, please go to the plugin installation documentation to intsal the messenger plugin after installing the erxes XOS.

‍💻 SaaS clients, when you sign-up to erxes Messenger plugin will be there already, so just go along with this guideline to get started with this plugin.


The Messenger sections can be found in the settings on the lower left-hand side of the screen when you enter erxes. By selecting the “add-ons” plugin, then you will see erxes messenger. Clicking on the “+Add” button, you will be taken to the Messenger page.



Before you start creating your messenger you need to make sure you have created your brands & channels

In order to efficiently manage your customer communications when you have several brands and team units like departments or products/services operating in your organization, you need to create brands and channels dedicated to those separate units.

  • Brands are usually linked to the source of communication channels dedicated to products and services, please find more information here.
  • Channels are usually linked to group team members dedicated to particular channels like Sales, Marketing, etc. Find more about it here.

To create brands / To create channels



You can manage your team members to be able to access customer communication within permitted brands and channels.



Step one: Styling the appearance

  • You can change the background colour and a text colour from choice of colours provided or you can enter your desired colour code on the field.
  • You can select a wallpaper design from given templates.
  • You can choose the desired logo from your files or photo library.


Step two: Creating the greeting

Your messenger can have the greeting display where people can view and get through the upcoming flawless conversations.


Step three: Writing intro of your message

There can be different messages while the operator is online and offline. Moreover, the messenger can also display a thank you message. The advantage of having offline messaging is that the person who is reaching out to Messenger can instantly know whether they will receive a response in the upcoming minutes.

home NOTE

If you want to direct conversations by skills to team members, choose a skill type from previously created ones or you can create instantly.


Create skill type


How to use the Skill Based Routing?

Skill-based routing is a feature used with the erxes Messenger. Moreover, it makes conversations easier since each member can be assigned to a conversation automatically based on their skills. For example, if the operator deals with people with different languages there's a possibility to create a Language Skill Type and add the list of languages that are needed. Also, the person with the German language will be assigned to the person that chose German as an option.

Here are the steps to activate the Skills-Based Routing:

  1. To use the Skill Based Routing the permission must be given. Please go to Settings -> Permission and add Skills Permissions.
  2. Go to Settings -> Skills and create a Skill Type. And add skills and attach them to the Skill Types. Moreover, the team members with that certain Skill must be added as well in the team members box.
  3. To show the skill type on your erxes Messenger please turn on the "Show Skill In Messenger" by going to your erxes Messenger integration and you'll be allowed to choose from the Skills that you created.


    Please keep in mind that when a skill type is deleted all of the skills in that skill type will be also deleted.

  4. When you delete a certain skill the conversations that were related to that skill won't be deleted.
  5. The team member can only see the conversations that he/she was assigned to certain skills.
  6. All of the messages that didn't have any skills will be seen by all of the team members.
  7. SaaS/Open Source users should log out once and log in before using the Skill-Based Routing.


Step four: Setting your time & availability

You can also adjust the time of the available hours of the messenger since there are different time zones and operators might be off work. In addition, it is also possible to show whether the operator is offline or online by turning on/off the visible online to visitors or customers.

  • Set to follow your schedule: Adjusting online hours manually

  • Response rate: Select the time to display your pre defined response rate

  • Default time zone: Choose a timezone of operator. You can customize it as for customer or operators.

  • Display operator timezone: Whether you want to display timezone on the team member profiles)


Step five: Setting default settings

  • Default language
  • Require authentication
  • Show chat
  • Show launcher
  • Force logout when resolving
  • Notify customer
  • Show video call request


Step six: Integration setup

Inserting options that messenger would be recognized internally. Open-Source users can create a chatbot using

home NOTE

If you're a SaaS user you can also create a bot as well. But, you need to have your own server in order to do this.

In this section, you’ll insert the information about messengers identified within your organization internally.


Step seven: Attach Add-ons

At the very end of the erxes Messenger integration, you can attach your Knowledge Base, Pop-Up, and Website which will be displayed on your erxes Messenger.


Step eight: Installing messenger script


When you write the script for your software or mobile application, you can add tracking codes to identify and track your client's status, their activities & behaviors with the Messenger plugin.

🥳 Congratulations, you have successfully executed the Messenger. Now, let’s start analyzing your campaign.



To receive messages in different ways:

  • Receive messages in inbox
  • Receive messages in a dedicated pipeline
  • Send messages email when you are offline
  • Connect website
  • Form connection
  • Assemble common questions and answers
  • Prepare your answers offline
  • Optionally adjust your foreign language skills


Managing your Messenger:

After you have created your messenger you can go back to Settings/Inbox>Add-ons>Marketing automation page to manage all of the messengers you have created. Additionally, you can view the health status checking for any errors.

Each Messenger you have created there will be an Actions section. From this section you will be able to:

  1. Edit: Make changes to your messenger
  2. Script code: To get access to the form script code
  3. Archive: Archive old messengers
  4. Delete: Delete Messengers that are no longer needed


Now that you already know how to use Messenger, please go the following blog posts to learn about different use cases of Messenger plugin and master it.

✌️ Enjoy your journey with the Messenger plugin!

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