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The Contacts plugin is an integral part of tracking and registering all connected datas.

$5per month

Easily classify contacts into groups, then monitor their interactions with you in the Contact Log, view activity over time, and create detailed reports to improve your marketing strategy. Access critical customer data including key contacts, communication history, and more quickly and easily with customer contact management. You’ll get a complete picture of every customer, from insights about how to engage with them to deals they're involved in.


Add, import, and export your customer info easily

You can add or import an unlimited number of contacts to Erxes. Contact list will give you primary information about the customer and clear and practical view will help you to stay organized.

Customer history page

Contact management is made easy with our tool. One click on the contact will lead you to more details about the customer by displaying the entire engagement history.

Set up segmentation and tag

erxes helps you to collaboratively manage, organize and keep track of your customers. At the same time we offer you segmentation, tags, and filtering tools to get a 360 degree view of your data.

Contact your segmented customers

Powerful tool to organize and manage your contacts. This lets you filter your contact list based on tags, segments and custom fields. You can also automate personalized messaging for targeted groups of customers.


The Contacts plugin is available at erxes marketplace for all users when you get started with erxes. It comes for free as it’s one of the core plugins erxes provides.

⚙️ Self-hosted client, please go to the plugin installation documentation to install the Contacts plugin after installing the erxes XOS.

‍💻 SaaS clients, when you sign-up for erxes Contacts plugin will be there already, so just go along with this guideline to get started with this plugin.


The Contacts can be found on the left-hand side of the screen when you enter erxes. By selecting the pin, you will be able to place the sign on the plugins bar visible.

When you open the contacts, 6 targeted modules are categorized on the top of the page. All of them has own targeted clients

  • Visitors All users who visit the website where the web messenger is located are recorded.
  • Leads Lead registers here all the contacts who are interested in /facebook, callpro, form/ in a certain way, write chat comments and create call suggestions.
  • Customers Users who have paid for a certain amount of products and services in the organization are registered here.
  • Companies All the companies that need to be registered with other types of contact companies and partner suppliers are registered here, classified by TAG.
  • Team Members Specific information (name, code, phone number, and email, etc) of invited members is recorded. You are able to customize all their related data and set the activation
  • Client Portal Users Users who utilize your client portal website, a protected website where you can share and exchange sensitive information with your clients, are registered here.

Step one. Set up your properties

To import any of the above data you’ll need to set up your properties to ensure what you’re about to import to your erxes project has the same field as prepared in erxes. Go to the Property plugin to set up your properties matching your import file.

Step two. Collect the datas

You can collect the datas using the next 5 steps

  1. Import your previous contacts
    Use the Import/Export feature as a tool to bulk all your previous Customer or Leads contacts to chosen module.
  2. Collect visitor information
    First, create your erxes Messenger to start getting information to users who visit the website or to access popular questions and answer via the messages.
  3. Sync email contacts
    Integrate your email address to sync email contacts from featured add-ons, comparing all email folders within your email client/app to each on the email server’s email servers, to determine whether importing, deleting, or moving messages from one folder to another is necessary, regardless of whether or not you created a folder.
  4. Start capturing social media contacts
    Start capturing from social media add-ons in the app store to start capturing Leads. Please have look at available Add-ons in our Marketplace
  5. Generate contacts through Forms
    Establish your Forms and start collecting Leads to lead a team and alignment of the technical direction.

Step three.

Once you have collected all the information, you can segment them by Tags using the Tag plugin and the Segment plugin to be able to use those contacts effectively.


In this century, the data is worth millions. With the right data in hand, you can see the problem clearly and the data itself can let you know what actions you should take instantly. Datas in your contacts can be used:


Marketing campaign

Post out the information about your new products and services to the target audences at your database.

Onboarding sequence

Guide your new customers to the right direction and enable them to have the most out of you.

Standart operating procedures

Build employee handbooks, sales/marketing/onboarding playbook

Lead Generation tool

Just place the widget and forms in the right place and wait for the business to bloom.

Part of your operation

Automate your entire business operation automated with no confusion and complication.


Contacts can be filtered by tags, segments, integrations, brands, forms, dates on the left side.

Now that you can set up your Contacts to collect the data, please go to the following use cases to learn more about how you can use the Contact plugin and master it.

✌️ Enjoy your journey with the Contact plugin