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As a SaaS user, you can send 5,000 emails monthly for free. However, you can increase this number with additional +5,000 emails by purchasing this Add-on. 


Email can be sent either directly from your Inbox or the Campaign plugin.  To do that, you need to set up your email verified and be ready for email sending. There are 2 ways of sending emails at erxes.

  1. Manually send the email
  2. Send mass emails using Campaign

Imagine a world without email - Emailing still plays a massive part in business communication. Since the erxes are the center of all business communication, we allow our customers directly receive and send emails from your erxes Inbox. Having all your communications in one place will:


Increased focus on product development reduced the number of problems reported by 23% in the first year after using erxes


Templates keep responses accurate and consistent across interactions, allowing them to resolve 100% of customer issues within 24 hours


Twice fewer staff members focused on customer service, freeing up more of their team to focus on long-term company goals




As a SaaS user, when you get access to your erxes, you'll be able to see the tab "Plugin" on the left side of the screen.

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Pressing that tab, you'll get access to the marketplace where you can learn about all of the add-ons, power-ups, and services erxes provides and how they can help you to create your unique experience. 

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Before you purchase the Plugins, Add-ons, Power-ups, and services, please visit our User-Guide for more information on how you can connect your card information and purchase Add-ons. 


Sending email manually

When you're communicating with your customers in your Inbox, you can send emails directly to the person you're chatting with. 


  1. Press the "letter sign" on the top right side where the customer information section 
  2. Insert the email subject.
  3. Write your email or choose your desired template from previously prepared templates.
  4. Press Sent.

Sending a mass email using the Campaign

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When using the Campaign to send mass emails, you must plan your campaign and be fully prepared to execute your campaign. You should visit the Campaign plugin to learn more about how you can plan your campaign.

Assuming you're entirely ready to execute your campaign, let us show you how you can send the mass email at erxes.

  1. Choosing the type of your campaign
    • Email
    • Message
    • SMS
  2. Select the target group you're intended to execute the campaign

    Message types:

    • Segment
    • Tag
    • Brand

    Segment types:

    • Lead
    • Customer
    • Company
    • Deal
    • Task
    • Ticket
  3. Compose your campaign

    Title: to name the campaign internally to recognize

    From: email/SMS campaign sent from


    Reply to: email/sms if your campaign expects the feedback.

    Email subject: email subject

    Email template: to choose from your templates prepared

    Attachment: to attach the additional material

    Sent to the following email to test: before going live

  4. Preview your composed content

    Preview your campaign content on different devices provided.

  5. Submit your campaign

    Press Send & Live. Woohoo, you did it! Or You can save it as a draft for later

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