Using erxes to dominate the local Health and Fitness Industry

You can use erxes to grow your health or fitness focused business to beat the competition. erxes gives you the ability to control every aspect of your business from sales, marketing, internal organization and so much more. The plugins we offer give you a range that you can’t get anywhere else. Market your gym with our Campaign plugin, create a website with our Website builder, organize your team and customers with our Inbox plugin and retain your users with the Loyalty plugin. The list is endless and the possibilities are limitless.

❓I have too many apps and devices to which people communicate with me, how can I simplify this?  With erxes Inbox plugin that’s easy!

You can streamline your communication process by having all your inboxes into a single dashboard where you can view and respond to your messages. If customers contact you about information you can automatically see it in one dashboard no matter if they call, text, email or message you on social media. You can now simply organize your inbox by having it all in one place and with our Tags Plugin you can also simply tag conversations with tags so you can organize them by classifications which saves you valuable time and helps you respond quicker.

You can reach your customers or your team on any channel whether it’s Emails, Live chats, Facebook, Phone calls or Messaging apps. If you have new information you want to share with your customers such as new hours or an event that’s going on you can simply send it through your entire customer database with the click of a button. The shared inbox connects you and your team on the same board so no more confusions on emails or texts, you can easily pull up a conversation with a tag and coordinate on it to save you valuable time.

I want to run a marketing campaign but it’s so difficult and expensive through a 3rd party. I want to be in control of how I run it!

 The Campaign plugin is a combination of marketing, sales and support projects which allows you to generate new business and connect with your existing customers. Campaign lets you track your base and their responses all while analyzing how well it’s performing. Let’s say you have a sale going on this week on your membership and you want to let as many people know as possible. Normally you would spend countless hours trying to let people know but with Campaign, you can create your marketing campaign for your sale with a click of a button letting your entire database of customers and potential clients be updated on the event through any channel of communication you prefer.

You can now personally create a marketing campaign without the expensive costs that it would normally require. The campaign plugin has preset templates that you can customize to your needs allowing you to start marketing your gym as soon as you want without the hassle of going through a 3rd party firm.

The Latest statistics of Facebook is that 69% of Americans use Facebook. Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.

You can grow your gym through Facebook or Facebook messenger by connecting with your users and potential clients where you can market your gym on facebook with erxes. Social media is a dominant aspect of our lives and if you can successfully control your gyms online presence then you can grow your gym into a more successful venture.

Analyze the data from your campaign to see more detailed specific statistics related to your campaign such as viewers, new leads, view count, and response rates.

You can see how effective your campaign was with our analyzing data.

❓I have my customers but I want to retain them and continue building loyalty with our brand!

The Loyalty plugin allows you to create, manage and track your own loyalty programs, which creates brand loyalty and retains your customers. You can retain your customers by offering perks and discounts on the products and services that you offer at your gyms, such as maybe spa services, healthy drinks and foods, and supplements. 

❓What’s the benefit of rewarding my customers?

  • Drive revenue towards the brand.
  • It’s cost effective towards retaining loyal customers rather than getting new customers.
  • The brand reputation in the market increase.
  • Rewards active customers.
  • Increase the number of repeat purchases.
  • Increase the market share of your gym by having your brand with loyal customers.
  • Increase trust between customers’ and your brand.

❓I need to build my website but it’s too expensive to hire someone and other applications look clunky. What should I do?

The Website builder plugin allows you to create your own professional website without hassle!

You can create your own website within an hour with prepared templates to which you can fully customize it to your specifications.

You no longer need to hire website builders or to pay for an expensive subscription that would create a clunky website all while running your pockets empty. You can personally create a fully functional website that would have all the information about your gym that customers need. New clients can also preview your gym online and gather information on your business.

You can schedule personal training appointments, create a fitness blog educating new customers and more with the features erxes provides.

The newly created website would have all the features and aspects that could bring more growth and diversity to your gym and would generate interests towards your brand strengthening market share.

You can track responses, retain customers, create websites, respond and market your business all through erxes.
This is just a small example of our plugins and how you can run your entire business through erxes. The possibilities are endless with the combination of plugins you can use. Let’s get start!