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The Inbox allows you to deliver more personalized and relevant experiences to your customers on all channels.


With Inbox, you can bring all inboxes to one place and manage all your engagements from a single responsive dashboard, increase productivity and improve customer experience with real-time messaging and live chat, and save time by setting up email templates for client requests.


All your customer inquiry channels into one inbox

It will help you segment your emails and organize them by brands, channels, integrations, and tags. It will help you see all the conversations happening across your entire business in one place.

Clear view with segments

You`ll be able to reach your customers on any channel they prefer, including messaging apps and social accounts, live chat, email, and phone calls.

Ticket box for unsolved cases

Create channels and assign users to them. Organize tickets by labels to determine how urgent they are, and create tasks for your team members to carry out.

Monitor on all sorts of analytics erxes provide

Included with a data analytics solution that helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your organization's customer service and make better and more productive decisions about your customers in order to retain them.


The inbox feature is available at erxes marketplace for all users when you get started with erxes. No need for additional payment as it’s one of the core plugins erxes provides.

Once you set up your organization, you can activate the inbox plugin and customize settings depending on your needs. Available options for your skills, languages, and preferred communication channels.

When you first create an erxes account, you will be able to find the team inbox plugin in the erxes marketplace. You can connect your main fallback email address and integrate all your communication channels to start receiving messages in the inbox. You will also be able to choose and assign your teammates and give them access to conversations.


Step one. Set up your skill

Depending on your customer inquiries, organize your skill for your team inbox using skill using the Skills feature.

Step two. Create your brands & channels

To efficiently manage your customer communications when you have several brands and team units like departments or products/services in your organization, you need to create brands and channels dedicated to those separate units.

  • Brands are usually linked to the source of communication channels dedicated to products and services.
  • Channels are usually linked to group team members dedicated to particular channels, like Sales team.


To create brands

To create channels


You can manage your team members to be able to access customer communication within permitted brands and channels.


Step three. Integrate your Add-ons

Once you have created your brands and channels, you can integrate your add-ons (communication channels) into your inbox. Creating a seamless experience of managing your conversations from a single spot.

Choose your add-ons to integrate with your inbox:


Step four. Set up your properties

Properties allow you to make custom fields for all of your Contacts, Tickets, Tasks, and Deals. You can create custom fields to expand all of the customer databases where you like to see them.

Set up your properties by using our the Property plugin.


Step five. Connect messages to tasks

Once you have integrated your channels into erxes inbox, you can convert customer inquiries into tasks and tag your team members to resolve the issue. Assign your teammates for quick responses for customers creating communication flow.


Step six. Create your response template

Creating a response template for common customer inquiries saves time and gives customers instant answers to what they are looking for. You can categorize and customize your messages depending on the brands, channels, and inquiries to have more organized responses.


You’re now ready to start using erxes Team Inbox.


How to navigate the team inbox

1. Filter communication within the chosen channels/brands/integrations/tags.


2. To resolve all the messages.


3. View communication within the chosen time frame.


4. View communications by statuses.


5. View customer information by detail/activity/related plugins



Convert communications into deal/task/ticket

home NOTE

Please note that Card plugin should be installed when you convert customer communication to deal/task/ticket.


Insert customer information manually


Email/SMS/Call customer directly.


In order to directly email/SMS/Call customers, related Add-ons need to be integrated into your inbox.


Communicate with your customers/team members

  • with direct message
  • using response template
  • with video/audio call
  • with your team members


Now that you already know how to use Inbox, please go to the following blog posts to learn about different use cases of Inbox plugin and master it.

✌️ Enjoy your journey with the Inbox plugin!

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