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Integrate viber and other communication channels into a single omnichannel messenger. 


By integrating communication channels in your erxes messenger, you can seamlessly engage with customers across Viber and other communication channels, all within a unified interface.

  • Expanded Reach: Viber integration broadens your communication reach, tapping into its user base and enabling you to connect with customers who prefer that platform.

  • Unified Interface: Centralizing communication through an omnichannel messenger streamlines interactions, allowing your team to manage Viber messages alongside other channels from a single dashboard.

  • Consistent Customer Experience: An omnichannel approach ensures consistent and seamless customer experiences, as interactions on Viber are aligned with those on other platforms.

  • Efficiency: Managing multiple channels separately can be time-consuming; integrating Viber simplifies workflows and reduces the need to switch between platforms.

  • Customer Preference: Some customers may have a preference for Viber, so offering this option enhances their convenience and engagement.

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