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A cloud storage and file synchronization, allowing users to store, access, and share files and documents online.


Collaboration platform that enables users to store, organize, share, and collaborate on files and documents from any device with internet access.

  1. Data Sovereignty: With your own software, you're not reliant on third-party servers or data centers, which can be especially important if your business operates in regions with specific data sovereignty regulations.

  2. Reduced Dependence: Relying on your own software reduces dependency on external providers, minimizing the risk of service disruptions due to third-party issues.

  3. Centralized Collaboration: A self-hosted solution allows for centralized collaboration, ensuring that data remains within your control while facilitating teamwork.

  4. Scalability: You can scale the solution according to your business's growth without worrying about reaching storage or user limits imposed by third-party services.

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