Everything you need to know about XM for SaaS

Seeking a solution to smooth, seamless customer experience and stronger relationships with customers? Look no further than erxes’ XM for SaaS, which is a one stop customer engagement platform specifically developed for SaaS companies to help them deliver authentic customer-centered services. We aim to help you to remove the customer journey friction and boost your customer engagement. Let’s see exactly how XM for SaaS can help your business.

Connect with customers on their preferred channels 

Engaging with customers across different platforms like social media, email, and chatbots is crucial. People have their own ways of communicating, and that’s why it makes sense. But imagine if all these ways were in one place – wouldn’t that be simpler and save time? With a single omnichannel messenger you can integrate all the messaging channels including, facebook post, messenger, viber, etc., to provide efficient customer support in real-time.  Seamlessly engage with customers across their preferred channels and switch between them effortlessly. Plus, the messenger tracks data, so you can see important customer info like activity, sessions, plans, and even social media links. This helps you personalize your communication.

Collaborate and centralize all conversations in one shared inbox

Keep everyone in your team on the same page to stay productive, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver exceptional support with shared inbox. You can route and assign conversations to appropriate individuals, distribute them across teams for timely responses with our shared inbox. Adding internal notes is enabled for private discussion among teammates to collaborate on solutions before hitting a send. Also, simply @mention to notify and involve specific colleagues in conversations or updates.

Automated target marketing

With an automation feature creating automated target marketing is available to personalize campaigns and deliver more relevant content based on your customers characteristics to bring more leads and increase conversion rates. Also, you can store and organize up-to-date customer contact information in a customer database to centralize all your customer information in one place. For a personalized marketing approach, create segments categorizing customers by demographics, purchase history, behavior, and more. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks that consume time – tasks like sending email drip campaigns, lead scoring, and follow-ups can be automated. 

A digital help center

With a digital help center, you can reduce your front desk workload, freeing up valuable time for more important tasks than answering simple questions. With ticket management you can convert every customer query into a ‘ticket’ by centralizing customer support processes, improving response times, and providing a better overall customer experience. A dedicated space is created for customers to manage and track the progress of their support queries, to always stay updated and involved. From the help center you can see the annual roadmap, with key dates, updates and improvements on your product which builds transparency and trust with customers. 

A library of help articles

Keep your customers satisfied with a comprehensive knowledge base empowering  customers to find answers to their queries, troubleshoot issues, and access relevant information whenever they need it. Create your own help articles and documentation based on frequently asked questions and recurring tickets so that your customers can go through the knowledge base to easily find solutions to their issues. 

XM for SaaS is not only limited to these features. Beyond these features, we offer a bunch of extra tools to supercharge your business. XM for SaaS was crafted to empower SaaS enterprises across all aspects of their operations. If you’re eager to join on this journey of growth, simply CLICK HERE to learn more.