A New Chapter Unfolds: Introducing Nauren Batjargal as the new CEO of erxes

CEO of erxes

Dear erxes Family,

I trust this message finds each of you well and in high spirits. Today marks an exciting moment for erxes Inc.

I’m thrilled to share that I am stepping into the new role of Chief Executive Officer of erxes. This transition feels like a natural progression for me and the company. Our founders, our esteemed previous CEO, Mend-Orshikh “MJ” Amartaivan, the management team, and I have had thoughtful discussions, and we believe that now is the perfect time for this change as we set our sights on global endeavors. As a woman in tech, I am particularly excited about the opportunity to lead erxes into a new chapter. 

I want to express my deepest gratitude to MJ, who has played a significant role in shaping erxes during his time as CEO. I’m humbled to follow in his footsteps and build upon the strong foundation laid.

Resilience, dedication, and collaborative spirit have defined erxes over the past year. We’ve navigated challenges, celebrated successes, and grown stronger as a team. The lessons learned in 2023 will undoubtedly serve as the foundation for the transformative journey ahead.

Over the next 12 months, erxes envisions fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment characterized by transparency, respect, and a shared sense of ownership. Rooted in our commitment to continuous learning, we will champion a culture that views failures as valuable stepping stones to success and ensuring stability in our day-to-day operations. Outlined below are the values we’ll focus on throughout 2024.

Jan – Reflection: Reflecting on key reports from 2023 and the lessons learned to inform our strategies going forward.

FebTransparency: Commencing the year with a commitment to openness, sharing data and metrics to foster team trust and alignment.

MarRespect: Emphasizing respect in the workplace and encouraging a culture of mutual respect among team members.

AprOwnership: Highlighting the significance of taking ownership of tasks and responsibilities and fostering a sense of accountability.

MayCustomer Centricity: Introducing plans to build a continuous customer feedback system, prioritizing a customer-centric approach to enhancing products and services.

JunSolidity in Communication: Establishing clear communication flows for each role and emphasizing the need for a solid foundation in organizational communication.

Jul – Stability: Discussing the importance of stability and learning from failures to maintain organizational stability.

Aug – Learning: Encouraging a culture of continuous learning, emphasizing the value of failing early and often within a limited scope as part of the learning process.

SepCaring for Each Other: Highlighting the importance of a supportive and caring workplace culture, encouraging team members to look out for each other’s well-being, and promoting inclusivity and diversity within the organization through outlined initiatives.

Oct – Valuing Community: Commitment to contributing positively to the erxes community through initiatives that create broader value for all stakeholders.

Nov – Appreciation and Living in the Moment: Cultivating a positive work environment by encouraging a mindset of gratitude and enjoying the journey.

Dec – Growth: Emphasizing collective growth, highlighting the importance of learning and growing together as a team.

As CEO, I will personally oversee 2024’s strategic initiatives. To keep you all in the loop, I will be sharing monthly progress updates. I am excited to embark on this journey of growth, collaboration, and shared success with you.

Your trust, hard work, and dedication have brought us to where we are today, and I am confident that we will achieve even greater milestones together.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and I look forward to what lies ahead.

Warm regards,

Nauren Batjargal

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