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The internal note plugin helps team members share essential notes while working on a project together and discuss customer-related matters internally.


As users at erxes, you can now write and leave notes within dedicated fields of some of the plugins, like Sales pipeline, Ticket, and Task Management as well EXM (Employee Experience Management). This plugin helps to make this possible. Share important information and mention team members to communicate within the organization. Internal notes are only visible internally to users and admins; they are not visible to the customer.



With the Internal note plugin, you can make notes on the following plugins;

  • Inbox
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Ticket Management
  • Task Management
  • Automation

The Internal Note is available at erxes marketplace for all users when you get started with erxes. It comes with the Internal Note for free, as it’s one of the core plugins erxes provides.

⚙️ Self-hosted client, please go to the plugin installation documentation to install the Booking plugin after installing the erxes XOS.

‍💻  SaaS clients, when you sign-up for the erxes, the Internal Note plugin, will be there already, so just follow this guideline to get started with this plugin.


Step one. When employees leave notes related to the conversation in the team's inbox


Step two. Write notes to users while working in the team inbox


Step three. What is Internal Note?

An internal note is a note that allows a person or an internal team to leave information to their colleagues and themselves while working on a project. If a note is written, it appears on a yellow background.

Internal notes are used as follows.

  • Team members ask each other questions and exchange information
  • Leave a note for the next team member or time
  • Prevent information gaps
  • In order to maintain a good feedback loop of information exchange

Menus used

  • Card plugin /task, ticket, sales/
  • Inbox plugin
  • Contact plugin
  • Automation


Step four. When writing notes in the user window


Step five. When switching from a user window to a dependent card


Step six. Write notes on work cards


Step seven. Writes a note when leaving necessary information for the next person in an automation trigger or action


Step eight. When the automation notes appear


Step nine. Relevant notes can also be written on that team member's Cover photo.

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