erxes Product roadmap Q1, Q2 of 2024: Exciting enhancements coming your way

We’re delighted to share our product roadmap, and what we were up to and outline the exciting features and integrations we’re working on to make erxes an even more powerful platform for your business. Our focus is on improving the front-end and back-end functionalities of our platform while also expanding our integrations to provide a seamless experience for our users. Let’s dive into what’s in store!

Q1: Enhancements and Migrations

  • New Integrations: Communication just got easier! We integrated Grandstream call (available in Mongolia only, available internationally in Q2), Facebook Post, Instagram Messenger, Instagram Post, and Facebook Bot into our Team Inbox plugins. This centralizes communication channels and helps your team collaborate seamlessly.
  • Core Plugin Migration: We migrated essential features like Forms, Automation, Client and Vendor Portals, Campaign Broadcasts, Directory Management, Segments, and Insights (including Reports and Dashboards) to erxes XOS. This makes a unified and powerful platform experience to maintain smooth operation.
  • Front-End Enhancements: We kicked off Q1 with a focus on user experience. This included migrating both open-source and SaaS versions for a smoother transition. Additionally, we upgraded React from version 16 to 18, optimized front-end packages, CKeditor 4 into tip tap Editor X, and converted React classes to functional components for improved performance.
  • Back-End Enhancements: On the back-end, we’ve split Cards plugins to enhance functionalities separately as sales pipeline management, task tracking, ticket handling, purchase management, and growth hacking initiatives. This ensures these features are optimized for your specific needs.

Q2: Expanding integrations and core improvements

  • New Integrations: The communication options keep growing! We are integrating popular messaging platforms like Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Twitter, and Google Business Messages into our Team Inbox plugins. Additionally, we’re improving our Call functionality to facilitate seamless communication within the platform.
  • erxes XOS Core Improvements: Performance and security are paramount. We’re upgrading our MongoDB and NodeJS versions to ensure optimal platform stability, scalability, and efficiency.
  • Front-End Enhancements: Building on our commitment to user experience, we focus on UI enhancements for key features like Directory Management, Sales Pipeline, Task Management, Ticketing, and Automation. These improvements aim to streamline workflows and boost your team’s productivity.

Introducing Employee experience management (EXM) and E-Commerce

We’re excited to announce two new product developments planned to launch for Q2:

  • Employee Experience Management (EXM): This comprehensive program, with a mobile app, website, and admin section, helps manage your team culture, climate, and productivity. It helps onboard new employees, provides job descriptions, and access to training materials, and fosters team connections.
  • E-Commerce Integration: We’re integrating the Vue Storefront ecosystem and (specializing in international online shopping experiences) into the erxes platform. This allows over 100,000 users and 3,000 online stores to utilize erxes, boosting sales and expanding market reach. Moreover, using various payment methods will open up opportunities to increase the digital sales of your products and services.


We’re confident this product roadmap will empower you to achieve more with erxes. By focusing on usability, functionality, and integrations, we’re committed to delivering a robust and innovative solution that helps businesses thrive in the digital age. Stay tuned for further updates, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

We can’t wait to see what you can achieve with erxes.

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